Standard Service

There are several services as offered below at a flat rate to help eliminate any surprise repairs on an out call. Most easy to identify what you need with a brief conversation by phone, such as when last serviced, student level or professional use and for any keyboard or pedal problems you may have.

S-1 Tuning

Temperature and humidity are major factors in tuning stability. Most manufacturers recommend a tuning every six months although the average costumer neglects this suggestion. Keep in mind your piano is overdue after one year. You should understand that our four seasons gradually changes the pitch in a flat or sharp motion. Therefor a true professional player needs four tunings annually. A music school ideally once per month, and concert stage weekly and/or show time request.

S-2 General Prep.

Several years can leave much dust under your keyboard. Action parts do come loose which can cause noise and excessive wear. Cleaning and adjustments with a tuning may take two or more hours to complete. On average a fair recommendation is every three years. Professional use  may require annually or monthly, especially were there is heavy usage. We can also conclude this service as preparation with an inspection to prepare for a full mechanical regulation.

S-3 Regulation

Is a term used in our industry for a complete mechanical adjustment of Keyboard and Action parts. More then 30 basic adjustments X 88 Keys is = to 2,640 measurements. Even at best that your piano is in fair condition, this procedure is a minimum for one days work. Understand that atmospheric conditions and regular playing will affect the touch of your keyboard. Conditions do vary and so a proper evaluation with the S-2 service is a good time to plan for this next service.

S-6 Repair & Rebuild

Your family heirloom could be a masterpiece. Pianos are tough for longevity and may be passed on to the next generation. A full rebuild and refinish project makes a fine addition for good music in your home. But also helps preserve an historic past of piano manufactures.  Lost story's of many builders in major cities across North America are all gone with minimal reading in our history books. A proper request for job sheet and costing estimate is your safeguard for a fair and accurate evaluation.


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