Every good piano deserves fun with a quality service to enhance the musical ability and enjoyment  of artistic creativity. Music the universal language.


Piano Care

There has never been a piano that dose not need tuning and the longer you leave it, the worst it will get. Because of it's construction based on wood material, it changes with the constant fluctuation of climate. Plus the keyboard and action parts do need periodic adjustment for proper working order. The more common complains are, not in tune, stuck keys, squeaks and rattles, heavy touch keyboard, tone too bright or soft. Without a consistent service routine, there  is a good chance you will experience these problems. The Manufacture will always recommend a six month service on new pianos. On average many customers will neglect three or more years before they realize something dose not sound right with the piano. To keep in mind that the human ear has a natural instinct for good musical sound. So you should strongly consider an appreciation with service needed for all young developing artist.

 Technician / Tuner

From Engineer to Builder to Technician to Tuner. Unless you ever get an opportunity to visit a piano factory, you will never get the insight of complexity involved  to create a winning design. The history of Piano building and modern technology has given today's Engineers the ability to refine in detail the materials needed for final assemble. Most factory builders are trained individuals on a specific task. Your local re builder is generally more malty task with assembly after many years of experience. But at the end of the line, it always takes a well trained Technician and Tuner to find that sweet spot of tonal quality and performance. More easy it is to find a Tuner but harder to locate a good Technician. You can web search  the best in your area by Guild type organizations.

Mechanical Regulation

Concert Pitch


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